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“Make sure you get your mammograms. Early detection is important. After your cancer diagnosis, take one day at a time. Talk to other people who have gone through this, you are not alone. I never realized how many people were cancer survivors until they told me after I was diagnosed.”
-16+ year cancer survivor

"I am so grateful to remain cancer free 10 years out from my last treatment for stage 3 NHL, a form considered treatable but not curable. During the battle of my life, I thought of cancer as an immortal beast and felt that I was doing my part to defeat it. During treatment, I would go for a chemo or Rituxan treatment and go back to work. I took my oncologist's advice and stayed busy! Strangely perhaps, it's always been a great comfort to be in a clinical trial, knowing that someone was always there for me and my treatment group and would be until the end. I have survived to see beautiful grandchildren born, never dreaming how special they would be! I have survived to take great trips, have great times with my two sons, eat wonderful meals and to enjoy all these "bonus years" with my high school sweetheart and bride of almost 50 years. As a survivor, I'm thankful daily for innumerable things, perhaps the greatest of which is a much greater appreciation of the boundless joys and beauty of life. Every day is special!"

“I feel great and can’t believe it has been almost 8 years! Time flies when raising a family. That 1st and 4th grader I had are now a Freshman and Senior!!! God has given me a second chance to raise them.”